Almost all commercial properties have two things in common, they both need a water source and have an air system. Our service enables you to have the best in both water and air quality. We want your commercial property to pride itself in knowing you are providing the highest quality indoor environment and taking necessary action for your employees, customers and residents. There are many different building layouts and applications for our systems. Some buildings and structures will be able to have our systems installed with ease where others may require our engineered solutions tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of your structure, we have a desire to help you solve your problem and the solution to do so.

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Plan Today. Save Tomorrow.

When owning or managing a commercial building, indoor air and water quality creates a major health concern and an energy issue. It isn’t a hidden secret that the municipal water quality in the United States is less than satisfactory to say the least. Cancer giving carcinogens in water do not add longevity or quality to one’s life and indoor air quality is a leading cause for heart disease. Sick Building Syndrome affects office workers, creates headaches, respiratory problems, and unhealthy work environments due to poor ventilation and air quality. BUT the cost to heat or cool make-up air is on the rise and purifying water is an additional expense. 

Our systems provide a solution that addresses air and water quality, as well as addressing energy costs. Our technology will attack and prevent odors, mold, VOCs, bacteria, allergens, dust and all contributors to Sick Building Syndrome without reducing airflow, creating filter blockage, or making systems run longer and harder producing higher electric costs. Our filtration system eliminates the need to use HEPA filters, which make your HVAC system work much harder and aren’t as effective and efficient as electrostatic filtration. We strategically place UV-C lights throughout the ductwork and in the center of the A Coil in your air handler to kill and stop growth of bacteria. Without HEPA filters, the use of UV-C keeping your A Coil clean, and our electrostatic filter purifying the air and collecting dust, your energy costs will be reduced.

Having a purified and clean environment is imperative to have in many different industries. Creating such an environment is an incentive for employees and customers to enter your commercial property and spend time there. Having the peace of mind knowing the air they breathe and the water they drink is safe and clean can be obtained through our systems. Decrease stress, viruses, bacteria, energy costs, and chance of disease while increasing productivity, savings, foot traffic, and promoting health.

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Almost Any Application

We know that one size doesn’t always fit all and certain buildings contain unique problems. Pathogenic Technologies offers a variety of products that are able to handle anything from an open floor plan to a school with many classrooms or even a single waiting room. Our standard is excellence and we will work hand in hand with you until the project is complete. We are equipped with the capabilities to take on projects ranging from a couple hundred square feet to several hundred thousand square feet. 

Here is a list of just some of the commercial buildings or environments our product could be installed in: office building, a healthcare center, hospital, a hotel, factory, hallway, kitchen, convention facility, a gym, sports locker room, bank, individual stores, local restaurants, fast food restaurants, elementary schools to college classrooms, dorm rooms, airports and libraries just to name a few. 



Creating Solutions Is What We Do

We look forward to working with you and solving your problem. To find out more and learn about our services further, please fill out this form. Our sales representative will receive your request and reach out to you through email to schedule an appointment for us to give you a call. We applaud you for taking the first step in controlling, purifying, and providing a clean and safe environment!

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Simply The Best

Activated carbon is superior at removing harmful carcinogens in your water supply. Carbon will remove at least 81 chemicals while remaining effective at reducing another 52. The EPA recognizes that activated carbon is the only filtering material that removes all 12 identified herbicides and 14 pesticides, along with all 32 identified organic contaminants! Carbon is a life altering technology that will transform your health and well-being. 

Contaminants that people most frequently want removed that are not readily removed by carbon filtration are fluoride, nitrates, and sodium. combining a high quality carbon filter with selective, non-carbon filters designed to remove fluoride, nitrates, and sodium is possible. You can obtain a double filter with one fluoride and one carbon cartridge if fluoride removal is desired.

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Attention to Detail

Our standard is excellence, period. We care about our customers and the people they are serving. We chose to tackle water and air because of how essential it is to our health and longevity of life. People are always the purpose and focus. We strive to provide the highest quality of installation, engineering, problem solving, and interaction possible. We always leave an installation satisfied knowing that we treated the client above and beyond and exponentially solved their problem. We are continually committed to perfecting our structure, providing the highest quality service, and maintaining customer relationships.

High-Quality Professionalism

Before starting any commercial project, we want to get onsite so our engineers can analyze the structure, existing systems, and calculate the correct application for your needs. For larger projects we will assign a project manager to your specific location to see the project through from cradle to grave. Providing information and consultation during the sale process, allows us to custom design a solution for your specific needs. Pathogenic Technologies can solve the toughest water and air quality issues while keeping your energy savings high and bacteria low!