Take a stance and fight back against the carcinogens in your water supply and the pathogens plaguing your indoor air. Clean water and air are essential to living a healthy lifestyle and prolonging your life. We spend 90% of our time indoors where indoor air quality is considered to be a major threat to your health. Let’s not forget about the 98% of U.S. water supply systems that disinfect drinking water by using a form of chlorine. We are providing you with the tools necessary to become informed and to take control of your environment!

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It's That Good

While no filter is capable of removing every contaminant from water, carbon block filters come close, especially when paired with our UV-C technology. Carbon filtration systems target pollution without removing beneficial minerals unlike reverse osmosis. Some minerals and compounds are essential to the makeup of your water. Running the main source of water for your residence through our carbon filtration is imperative to making your water as safe and healthy as possible.

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We Call It The Dream Team

When bacteria and viruses in your water get exposed to the UV-C light, the DNA within these microorganisms gets damaged, preventing them from performing their cellular functions. This debilitation means these viruses will not be able to get you sick anymore, ultimately resulting in your water becoming entirely pure and safe to use. Out of all the water purification methods on the market today, nothing works as efficiently and effectively at getting rid of bacteria and viruses as UV-C light technology does. When paired with our carbon filtration, the power of UV-C is ideal for cleaning your water without harming you or it in the process.

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Clean Water For The Whole House...Even The Garden Hose

Our whole house systems start creating clean, carcinogenic free water, to every tap in your residence. A sediment filter takes out particles such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust leaving behind the carcinogens for the following stages in the filtration process. One of the follow up stages is activated carbon where it uses a process known as adsorption. It adsorbs the carcinogens as they pass through the filtration unit without any harmful chemicals being added to your water supply. Chlorine removal is what carbon is best at, and nothing else equals carbon's ability to remove chlorine and its effects that create a bad smell and taste along with it.

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Need We Say More?

The list of benefits from our systems is quite extensive, but having drinking water that is healthy, better tasting, and odor free is at the top of the list. Cooking is healthier since you removed the harmful cancer giving carcinogens or needing to boil water which leaves a more potent chlorination solution. All of the top restaurants, chefs and even coffee houses use filtered water now so they can produce a quality product every time.

Bathing is incredibly healthier for your skin with water treated with activated carbon and UV-C technologies. If you have ever swam in a chlorinated pool, it can leave your hair limp and your skin dry and itchy. Chlorine in shower water, over time, produces the same damaging effect to your skin as well. Chlorine strips hair and body of the natural oils it needs, leaves hair lifeless and brittle, even fading color treatments faster. You may even find yourself using more conditioner to combat the effects of chlorine. 

A showers heat and steam encourages skin pores to open up which allows chlorine to enter the skin through the pores, resulting in itchy, dry skin or even allergic rashes. If you “washed” your laundry without filtering your water, when you wear your clothing, the same effect takes place due to carcinogens being in your clothing from washing. By filtering your water with our systems, it leaves your laundry fresh, lasting longer, and clean to wear and sweat in. A major benefit from filtration is that it extends the life of your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and other appliances that utilize a water source in your residence.

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Not Found In Water Like Other Viruses

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has not found the Coronavirus in municipal drinking water,  but states that it still remains labeled as an airborne virus. It is advised to not discredit the possibility of the virus being in water altogether. Follow CDC recommendations that people should use appropriate water filtration to ensure safety and health from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Regardless if you are concerned about COVID-19, it remains true that other potential waterborne viruses could be in your water that you will want to filter out. Waterborne viruses include adenovirus, rotavirus, coxsackievirus, echovirus, reovirus, astrovirus, and many more. The world and your water supply may be full of viruses, but you don’t have to be plagued by this. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your water is clean and pure by implementing our life altering systems that make use of carbon and UV-C filtration and purification.

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Simply The Best

Activated carbon is superior at removing harmful carcinogens in your water supply. Carbon will remove at least 81 chemicals while remaining effective at reducing another 52. The EPA recognizes that activated carbon is the only filtering material that removes all 12 identified herbicides and 14 pesticides, along with all 32 identified organic contaminants! Carbon is a life altering technology that will transform your health and well-being. 

Contaminants that people most frequently want removed that are not readily removed by carbon filtration are fluoride, nitrates, and sodium. combining a high quality carbon filter with selective, non-carbon filters designed to remove fluoride, nitrates, and sodium is possible. You can obtain a double filter with one fluoride and one carbon cartridge if fluoride removal is desired.