Night of the City


Why Water and Air Purification?

Growing up in a world where the reality is ever increasing cancer rates, heart disease, and respiratory issues, we couldn't help but ask why? What leads to these issues? Through our research, background in pharmaceuticals, and story after story of people suffering, we pinned it down to the two essentials of life: water and air. This ultimately led us to become a company who changes your indoor environment through Water and Air Installation.

It was simple calculations and evidence that lead us to the conclusion: our indoor environment is where we spend, on average, 90% of our time. These indoor environments have to meet the basic needs, clean water and clean air. Our water systems are polluted with cancerous carcinogens and our indoor air quality is automatically 2-5x worse than outside air. These carcinogens and pathogens need eradicated! So how do we do it?

Our drive comes from two sources, God and the passion to help others. Coming to the realization that our indoor environments are causing detrimental health issues won't help anybody...but taking action will. Not only do we understand the science behind the health deteriorating pathogens and carcinogens plaguing your indoor environment, we have the systems to terminate them. Whole House Purification is essential and vital to having a long and healthy quality of life.

Between the knowledge we have acquired, the technology that has been created, and our strong conviction to help others...we created Pathogenic Technologies to bring crucial life sustaining products to the community. 

Mission: We are Holy Spirit led problem solvers, dedicated to conducting business with Christian biblical excellence, for the eternal purpose of advancing others through life sustaining and innovative technologies.

Vision: We will be leading experts in developing clean environments with an essential global impact.